Choosing a stain color for your cedar roof

All types of materials have been used to stain cedar roofs. Even the best roofing contractor has had issues with a cedar roof.  In the past Indians in the Pacific Northwest used fish oil.  There have also been reports of people using diesel fuel, motor oil, and linseed oil.  Today modern products are much safer and easier to use, however there are still some things to take into consideration when selecting a stain color for your cedar roof.

hail damaged roof

Examining one’s community and region, climate, and wall color can all help when trying to make a stain selection.  Different communities and regions have different expectations of an acceptable roof color.  The same pink roof could be considered both conservative in a tropical resort region and daring in a traditional city with deep winters.  It is best to choose a roof color which fits in with the norms of the area.  In regions where the climate is cold most roofs are darker colored.  In hot areas, dark colors tend to be avoided.  Dark colors absorb heat and light colors reflect it.  Roof colors are typically darker that the house walls.  Light colored roofs are usually matched with light colored walls.

Prior to making a final selection it’s important to talk with a service professional about the specific stain color you are considering.  Dark colors tend to look even darker over a large area.  Reds and yellow-browns frequently look more red and yellow.  Some mottled colors look exaggerated over a large area and other mottling effects can be completely lost.

The service professionals here at Roof-to-Deck Restoration are happy to assist you with the selection of a stain color for your cedar roof or any questions you may have.  Give us a call today.


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